Free Shots.

Today has been a good day, woke up in a really good mood, BUT really really sore.

Trip in Firenze was great, but with so much drinking and dancing and lack of sleep in our gorgeous (sarcasm) hostel, it’s taken a huge toll on my body.

I literally crawled out of bed to shower before school. Daniela’s class was interesting because we broke down chapter 6 of Dido and Aeneus.

Triana and I wandered off for lunch to find a new place to eat. Finally, a pizzeria that has pizza that’s not as thin as a slice of paper. lol. You grabbed a number, and when it was called, you went to the bar to order. There was about fifteen different types and I freaked and got bruschetta. I hate bruschetta. Well, at least I thought I did until this place made me think otherwise. The BEST pizzeria I’ve been to here.

Antonella decided to have class outside for a change. However, it wasn’t outside of our school, we trekked across Roma to one of the seven hills in Rome. It was absolutely beautiful. We overlooked all of Rome, it was the second tallest hill in Rome, Giancolo.

Afterwards, the group and I (Abbeh, Triana, Chelsea, Haley, Chloe and Liz) walked back. Chloe, Abbeh, Triana and I of course fell behind because a man was selling jewelry on the side of the street. There was this beautiful skull that was perfect for Abbeh but it was too big. Went home, and passed the fuck out.

Dinner was served at 9ish, Liz came into my room to wake me up. OMG. finally a day without pasta! We ate soup and potato casserole! :) LOVED. Liz and I decided to meet the gang at the Spanish steps.

From dinner, our host mom made sure that we knew how to pronounce the steps the right way… total fail. Liz and her “great sense of direction” shows us that she has no idea where she is going yet is so persistent.

I stopped at a Gelato place near the Trevi Fountain and I asked “Sai dov’e il…. (thinking of the correct way to say Spanish steps…lol) then the guy responds, “I know English. and Spanish.” -____- so I say Spanish steps and he says “three streets up, turn left at the third.” I smile and say thanks and he winks and says, “sure. so… I’ll see you there?” and my response is “Yes, pleeeeease!” and walk off. It was fate. Well, I’d like to think so. But since he stood me up… another one bites the dust. lol

Haley, Lucca, Liz and I meet up and search for something to drink. We find a stand, and buy some Champagne. As I go to pitch in money, Lucca says “Bug off.” lol We take the champagne to everyone at the steps and cheer. The party starts here. We walk around for a bit, in search of Liz’s restaurant she ate at once four years ago. Her “great sense of direction” got us no where… as planned lol.

We decided to head to the Trevi, and as we were walking we all discovered we were lost. So we split in teams and said, “last team to Trevi owes the other gelato!!” and took off running in different ways. I ask a guy walking by and he leads us to the right direction, and as I start running, and I see Liz, Abbeh, and Chloe and start screaming. We all finally got to the Trevi and bust out laughing. A great game, with great friends and definitely out of breath. We sprinted a good ten blocks (or what felt like it lol) and waited to the boys, Lucca and John to meet us. Ladies- 1 Guys-0.

We sit at the Trevi Fountain for a bit and chitchat. Abbeh and I find a rock, Abbeh decides to sleep like a little Simba cub on the rock. When I call her Simba she does this little “rawr” lolz. Finally, the gang and I all start yawning and it’s time to head out.

We’re walking towards Piazza Venezia, and Liz says out of nowhere “Y’all, it’s this way. I have a good sense of direction.” LOLZ. we all start laughing and tell her to follow us. When she realizes shes wrong, we all laugh at her again. As we’re about to say bye, I was approached by a lady promoter.. uh I forgot her name. She said all six of us can get free shots if we head to her bar. I don’t pass up a shot. lol So we took off and headed to the bar.

First song on the DJ’s playlist: Pitbull. Next song: Shakira. Clearly, if this wasn’t heaven, it’s pretty damn close to it for me. Triana and I were on the dance floor all night, obvi.

Lucca dipped out once Abbeh found a hottie to makeout with, lol. 

I drank a Maui.. I think it’s called. Best drink thus far in Rome.