Cinque Terre Weekend

Me: “Italy… especially Cinque Terre has a lot of cats!”

Chloe: “yeah… Kitty Terre!”

We rush to the train station because we thought the train to La Spezia left at 8:46. Everyone meets, gets on different carts, freak out. Then, we head to La Spezia and try to purchase tickets. Well, you know how nothing ever goes according to plan when you’re in a rush? Well the ticket machines weren’t accepting our cards, it didn’t accept cash… total mess. Chloe stepped up as ordered her ticket first. She thought that the train ticket she purchased was for Pisa was the same one we were just on with the boys. Welp, she heads to the train to “save seats” so she takes off.

The rest of us have trouble with the tickets so we try to figure that out and see the train Chloe got on. In the moment, we thought that we had missed the train to find out that Chloe got on the wrong train. hahahah.

On the bus to Pisa, “I didn’t know Rome had so many mountains.” Joanna: “This isn’t Rome.” hahaha